Water Softening System


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Are you looking for a water softener or professional water softening system installation services? Clear Water Plumbing, Heating & Water Purification has expert water softener installers ready to discuss your needs and recommend the best water softeners available today. Our services are available to all residents of Massachusetts and Providence County, RI, including Pawtucket, Cranston, Woonsocket, East Providence, Smithfield, and Johnston.

We Offer Free Water Testing!


A water softener removes the minerals and metals from hard water and makes it soft. Before you install a water softener, get an expert to test your water. Lucky for you, we offer free water testing at Clear Water Plumbing. That way, we can recommend the best water softening system for your home.

Possible contamination is one of the reasons why water testing is important. For instance, lead contamination is a serious issue that may be unique to your home. If your source of water is close to a septic system, for example, then you might have contaminated water.

Our trusted water softener installers have successfully performed water softener installations in thousands of homes throughout Rhode Island, including Providence County, RI. To clarify, water softeners or softening systems are filtration systems that eliminate unwanted minerals and metals from water to make it soft.

Hard water contains minerals like magnesium and calcium, which are positively charged elements. Water softener systems work through a filtration method and use the basic laws of attraction. A negatively charged element, usually resin beads, is placed inside a water filter. As the hard water passes through the filter, the resin beads attract any calcium and magnesium in the water.


Is there a white hard residue on your pipes and dishes? Does your soap run out quickly or do you have to use a lot of soap to take a shower or clean dishes? Does taking a shower seem to irritate your skin? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you are likely dealing with hard water. All these are symptoms of hard water which will cause you more harm than good.

We strongly advise that you take advantage of our free water testing services to determine whether you have hard water and the specific elements it carries. Once we do that, we can comfortably recommend the best water softeners for your home. Whether you live in Providence County, RI or elsewhere in Massachusetts, we are proud to serve your community. So, get in touch with us to discuss your water softening system installation needs with a certified installer.

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