Water Filtration Systems


Serving Blackstone, Millbury, Oxford, MA & North Smithfield, RI and surrounding areas

Does your home need a water filtration system? Clear Water Plumbing, Heating & Water Purification provides high-quality whole house water filters and professional installation services. We also install home water purification systems that do even more to remove harmful substances from your home's tap water. Our services are available in Central Massachusetts and Rhode Island, including Newport County, RI.

We install whole house water filters in Newport County, RI, as well as Middletown, Portsmouth, Tiverton, Bristol, and Barrington, among others. We also provide free water-testing services to find out the quality of the water in your area. That way, we are able to advise you on the best possible water filtration systems for your home.

We Offer Free Water Testing!


There are several types of home water filtration systems and water purification systems on the market in Newport County, RI and each one works differently. Some water filters work through a reverse osmosis process. This is where water moves through a semi-permeable membrane. Clean water comes out from one end, leaving magnesium, calcium, and metals on the other end.

A common question clients ask is, "Why does my whole house need to be fitted with water filters?" Most people to only get their kitchen or dining faucets installed with a filter because that's the water they drink. However, here are some reasons why we advise that you get a whole house water filter installation instead:

Clear Water Plumbing provides whole house water filter installation in all of RI and central MA, including Newport County, RI. We also provide free water testing to help us determine the water quality in your area. Afterward, we can recommend the most appropriate filtration system for your home. If you want to enjoy safe chemical-free water, then give us a call right now.


A home water purification system removes even more contaminants from water than a filtration system is capable of. We install state-of-the-art water purifiers that remove up to 95% of all sediment, toxic chemicals, bacteria, microbes, and other contaminants. Contact Clear Water Plumbing today to get an estimate on a home water purification system installation from our expert technicians.

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